“Uptown Girls”

So, in keeping with my relax-and-bond-with-the-hound theme for the week, I sat down with dinner, Rags, and the movie “Uptown Girls” tonight. To my great surprise, I *really* loved that movie! I like Brittany Murphy anyway, and think Dakota Fanning is one of the most talented child actors I’ve ever seen (and generally just an amazing actress, regardless of her age). Probably it got terrible reviews — my particular talent does seem to be falling in love with movies that suck. But anyway, if you’re a guy looking for a good date DVD, or a gal looking for a good chick flick, pick it up!

I liked it, anyway. 🙂

PS: In keeping with the sappy theme for the last few hours/days/weeks … I totally sobbed! I think my Kleenex box here on the coffee table is now officially depleted. 😉

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