Well, here we go kids, Liz is going to attempt another blog/semi-regular writing enterprise. Brace yourselves, it could get interesting.

As noted in the description above, the primary purpose of this little blog (for now) is to detail my adventures in DC and Maryland on my impending business trip. Of course, given that I went to school in DC and have a few good friends left there, the next eight days will hardly be *ALL* business. That said, I will be learning lots at the Web Communications & Strategies Conference, courtesy o’ Salisbury University in eastern Maryland.

It’s currently 1:40 a.m. in the wee hours of Saturday, and I’m still packing and preparing my laptop for the trip. I had to make sure I had some means of getting online from afar, lest I:

1) Not be able to update this blog, which in itself would be a genuine tragedy.

2) Not be able to check my e-mail, which would send me into the depths of withdrawal within at least 24 hours.

3) Not be able to do my homework assignment due Monday at midnight (roughly), which would certainly cost me some grade points.

4) Not be able to monitor my work e-mail and communicate with my TWU mates, which would perhaps make this a more enjoyable week away from the office. 😉 Just kidding.

So anyway. I’m going to squeeze in a few hours’ sleep before getting up again to finish packing in a flurry of anxiety and energy, I’m sure, and head out to hand Rags off to Paul, who’s so graciously agreed to entertain Rags while I’m gone. Thank God for good friends.

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