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“The Art of Money” — a few questions to help you dig in

My Chattery book club + online Becoming Me Project group is reading Bari Tessler’s The Art of Money this month, and this week we’ve had our first discussions about that. As I reflect on those two conversations, each with really vulnerable and meaningful moments shared by incredibly brave women, I have a few questions that …

what if failure IS an option?!

Why I’m ok with failing

Ok, so, honestly? That title is aspirational. I’m really not someone who runs out into the street, arms stretched wide, yelling, “C’mon, failure! Just try to knock me over!” But last night, while I was attending the Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Initiative IMPACT dinner with colleagues from Chattanooga State, the BBC’s Katty Kay said, “Robots are …

Pete Souza at TPAC

Pete Souza’s list of admirable presidential qualities

At a recent stop on his book tour for Shade, Pete Souza provided the following list of qualities one might look for in a presidential candidate. Obviously, his time spent with Barack Obama influenced this list, as does the contrast between Obama and Donald Trump. I agree with what Souza values in compiling this list, although …

broken glass
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This is what I believe

On this cloudy Friday, I believe a few things to be true: I believe Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Brett Kavanaugh is a basically good man. Notwithstanding his behavior as a teenager and his petulant performance yesterday, which reeked of entitlement. I also believe Kavanaugh doesn’t remember what Blasey Ford accuses him of doing because …