Please note: I’m in the process of building out this section of the site. It will eventually include links to a variety of teaching resources from my more than 15 years in higher education.

My night class syllabus for spring 2023: My Twitter thread about the first meeting of this class on Jan. 11 kind of exploded — and I’m so grateful for the kudos and opportunities to widen my circle of inclusive pedagogy friends! You can find the syllabus for that class here.

My first viral-for-me tweet — I have so enjoyed the engagement it’s brought!

My liquid syllabus: For the last several semesters, I’ve used a web-based syllabus to improve its accessibility and ensure students can have access outside of our learning management system (LMS). Here’s the current iteration.

My visual / remade syllabus: In earlier iterations, I invested a lot of effort to create a syllabus that’s visually appealing, accessible, and comprehensive. I confess I’m pretty darn proud of that sucker. (Designed with Canva.)

American government recommendations: I share these with students … and now with you, too! My students have access to this site (their “content library”), which I update regularly with new podcast episodes, videos, readings, and other recommendations. Students can choose any of these to engage with and reflect on for my class. If you’re looking for interesting politics / government things to peruse, you’ll love this. (And if there’s something I should add, let me know!)

Articles I’ve written about teaching: