samples of my work

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Workshops & lectures

  • What Instructors Need to Know When Working with Neurodivergent Students (Fall 2023), presentation for faculty at the University of Mississippi: PPT deck
    • A carousel of mental-health-themed memes I use before this and other mental-health-related presentations. These are rotating on the overhead screen while attendees take their seats: PPT deck
  • Creating a Classroom Community (Fall 2023) presentation at Graduate Teaching Orientation at the University of Mississippi: PPT deck
  • Dispelling Myths About Autism in Adults (June 2023) presentation at the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly (Chautauqua), Tenn.: PPT deck
  • Hard Conversations series (Spring 2022):
    • Building Your Confidence: PPT deck, recording (password: HCconfidence2022) – delivered virtually
    • Burnout: Experiences with and strategies for overcoming: PPT deck, recording (password: HCburnout2022) – delivered virtually
    • What Does it Mean to Be “Anti-Racist”?: recording (password: HCRacism2022) – delivered in person (with option to join virtually)
    • Equity is Pi (not Pie) – video made to promote an event of the same name, co-hosted with the department head of mathematics, Dr. Ed Nichols
  • Chattanooga State Chautauqua (November 2021): How to Keep Your Sanity During … Interesting Political Times: PPT deck, recording
  • How to Boost Student Learning & Motivation with Ungrading (April 2021): PPT deck, audio recording
  • Teaching Professor Conference (June 2020 – virtual): Stop Blaming Students! Why We Must Teach Students, Not Content: PPT deck
  • Achieving the Dream Teaching & Learning conference presentation (with colleagues) on Reimagining Your Syllabi With Equity at the Center (May 2021): PPT deck
  • Monteagle Sunday School Assembly (Chautauqua) talk (June 2016): Seven Reasons Our Politics Seem So Polarized: PPT deck
  • Teaching Professor Conference (June 2021 – in person and virtual): Transforming Classroom Culture: presentation & supporting materials





  • Web syllabus for my spring 2022 American Government courses
    I build my syllabus in Google Sites so that it’s more accessible on mobile technology than our LMS. As a bonus, it’s also available after the course ends; students lose access to their LMS course the day grades are due.
  • Content library for American Government students
    This library of activities and simulations — including Checkology — is what my students sample from when completing their work for the course. The large collection of podcast episodes, videos/films, and readings allows each student to choose topics and activities that match their interest and their existing knowledge levels. As it is also outside an LMS, former students tell me that they still return to the Content Library regularly to explore resources, even though they aren’t “required” to do so!
  • Power Points developed for classroom use:
  • Teaching & Learning Symposium on teaching introductory American government: I co-facilitated this American Political Science Association symposium in March 2022; I also designed and wrote the program booklet
  • Ten Tips for Faculty, written and distributed statewide when we were moving to virtual instruction in March 2020