I am a Curvy Yoga-certified yoga teacher based in Monteagle, TN. I’m passionate about yoga for every body — including yours!

I'm on a break

For the first few months of 2019, I’m taking a short break from teaching live yoga classes. While I LOVE (!!!) teaching yoga, everyone needs to hit pause now and then, and right now I’m using a short hiatus to figure out what suite of offerings makes the most sense.

Meanwhile, please check out CurvyYoga.com for a whole host of resources, including links to other inclusive yoga teachers in your area (Chattanooga folks, check out Cyndi Allen‘s yoga offerings!).

You can also join the Curvy Yoga Studio, an online yoga studio with videos from a range of yoga teachers … including me! The studio is open for memberships three times a year.

About Liz

I first began practicing yoga in roughly 2003, but my journey into the practice was far from straightforward. My first several classes left me feeling like yoga wasn’t for me … I didn’t look like anyone else in the class, and I was left to struggle into poses with little guidance or support. In retrospect, it’s amazing I ever came back to the practice.

But I did.

I’ve found a stronger connection to myself — and, by extension, the broader world — by coming back to my yoga practice on a regular basis. It nourishes my soul, calms my system, and breeds gratitude for all that is good in this world.Curvy Yoga

I became a yoga teacher to share these gifts with others in my communities — particularly those who don’t see themselves in the popularized images of yoga practitioners. I believe yoga can work in any body, and I’m here to help you find your yoga.

Here is my favorite blog post about yoga: I love dogs … just not in my yoga practice.

I’m currently working on my advanced yoga studies certification (RYT-500, in tradespeak) at the Asheville Yoga Center. I have completed eight of 11 required modules and hope to earn this advanced certification in 2019.

I hope to meet you on the mat (or the pool) soon!