Another set of firsts

Some time ago, I wrote about the idea of “firsts,” things that I’d never experienced before that all happened within one particularly exciting weekend. I wouldn’t say this most recent weekend could possibly parallel the fun of those few days in August, but I would not argue with the notion that there were definitely many firsts for me in the last few days. To wit, here’s a list of things that have happened for the first time:

  • I was the last one awake at Saturday night’s party Chez Daniel & Paul
  • I was drinking more/faster than I was being supplied with new drinks
  • I was prepared to get drunk, even without the requisite people present (but I did not, for the record, make it there)
  • I was in a crowd of more than 20 people and didn’t panic
  • I failed to turn in a midterm on time — it was due Saturday night, and I still haven’t finished it
  • I don’t care about the midterm thing
  • I was actually offended to my core
  • Not that I don’t miss her anyway, but because of the previous bullet, I would have given just about anything (nearly to the point of desperation) to have had Julie at the party

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