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Bhagavad Gita

Back in January, I attended a workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center — where I’m currently roughly halfway through my 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training. It was taught by one of the absolutely amazing teachers there, Michael Johnson. As I’ve said to Michael himself, each time I come to a workshop he leads, I feel like …

Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops, and keep doing it until the people looking for you find you.

Three (really hard) things we all benefit from doing

What does it mean to be empowered? That’s the question we began with this weekend, as we stood in our power, took up space, and connected with our tribe. Each of those things defies the ability of mere words to communicate what is so much larger than a single thing or feeling or action. To …


Books I read and loved in 2016

I was listening to Anna Guest-Jelley‘s podcast, Love, Curvy Yoga, this morning, and I heard her talk about her favorite books of 2016. And I thought — why haven’t I ever written such a list? It’s appalling, really. For someone whose first or second favorite hobby is buying books by the dozens (if you think …


I love dogs… just not in my yoga practice

When I first started yoga teacher training, I knew I was dreading the day we would talk about and work through downward facing dog. (If you’re not familiar with this common pose, check out this description.) Our YTT teacher thoughtfully held off on introducing down dog until our second (of four) training modules. In fact, she …

Politics, Yoga

Why yoga makes sense for a political scientist

For a lot of 2016, I’ve thought about how divergent my life’s two biggest current passions are — political science and yoga. American politics this year have been — dare I say it? — unusually nasty, and yoga is the very opposite. What is the common thread? At first, my impulse was to think of yoga …


What I learned from yoga teacher training

BREAKING NEWS! Today was graduation day from Yoga Teacher Training. I’m now officially certified to teach yoga classes, after completing my RYT-200 program through Curvy Yoga in Nashville. I’m feeling alllll of the feels today: excitement at teaching yoga (anyone want to come over for a quick practice, like, right now??); overwhelming love for the other eight …