If you want to see geeks get all fired up, bring up Gmail. Those who’ve got it shrug with quiet modesty and/or arrogance. Those who don’t immediately begin begging for an invite.

I first heard about it from my brother. Then yesterday, I saw three women beg a guy from Canada to invite them to try it out. (But then again, that happened at the end of the day, and their disproportionate excitement could have been blamed on intellectual burnout.) Right now, it’s available by invitation only.

Now I wanna have a look! What the hell’s the fuss all about? Anyone got a Gmail account? Want to invite me??

PS: For those non-geeks, Gmail is Google’s beta e-mail; Gmail users get a *GIG* of storage space!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Matt but this time I have to agree with Robby. I would never need that much email space, even with all the women that constantly harrass me with emails:o) Although, being a guy I must admit, I am always looking to have the biggest and baddest of everything, penis envy maybe but I found a gray hair today and I did think today how nice it would be to have a corvette so I do have an excuse:o)


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I would hope that it does have many cool features that are creating the buzz rather than the size of the product at hand. Who needs more than 640K of memory anyhow? Google that! ha 🙂


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