Ma cervelle est en compote

Call it a “backward tongue” if you will (Michael), but the French expression above is one of my longtime favorites and it *totally* applies right now: My brain feels like it’s applesauce right now. I’ve absorbed just about all the information I can absorb at this point, and (thankfully!) there’s just one more session today. This poor, poor guy who’s setting up his presentation right now, man, he has to try to beat information into brains attached to bodies that have been sitting in windowless conference rooms for two days. Awww.

Still, it’s been good. I went to an utterly fabulous session this morning by two guys from Georgetown University. And learned *so* much! And logged onto the GU site during the session to see if I could get a job there. 😉 Not that I want to leave my job, or leave Texas. However, those two guys who lead the discussion represented IT *and* marketing, respectively, *AND* they got along! Worked together! Collaborated! Finished one another’s sentences! {gasp} I envy that.

I would like to report that I finished my homework *and* turned it in a full TWO HOURS prior to the absolute deadlined last night. {bow}

Also, that I’ve been working on the book John sent me about Class 228 of the Navy BUD/S training program (the hard-core induction training phase involved in becoming a Navy SEAL), and I’m utterly fascinated by it. I’m going to finish it tonight, if possible. Yes, I’ve got 200 pages to read, but it’s just THAT good. And, I want to get through at least one more worthless chick book while I’m on (ahem) “vacation” and then get well into our next book club pick, “The Things They Carried.”

If you want to pick this one up, though, it’s called “The Warrior Elite” by Dick Couch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, It seems that you are having more thrown at you than any human could possibly retain. It seems that the two gentlemen from GU have a great working relationship. But in Texas, when two men can finish each other's sentences, that could be taken in a certain manner. Not that there is anything wrong with that! LOL I wish them all the luck in the world! Yes, I know, I'm horrible but what can I do? 😉


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