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A love letter to my writing project

It’s been a long time since I went on a writing retreat to start playing around with ideas for a teaching book. That retreat scared the bejesus out of me — WHO THE HELL AM I?!?! was my inner dialog — but it was also a necessary spark to get me stepping into the idea of myself as sufficiently wise to dispense ideas.

At the end of said retreat, my fearless leader, writing coach, and brilliant friend Jen had us write a letter to our writing projects. On August 2, 2019, I sat on the floor of a gorgeous yoga studio and penned the note below. Jen sent it some time later, and I tucked the envelope away under a huge stack of papers and magazines and other desk miscellanea. Today, while sorting through that massive pile, I unearthed my letter and decided it was finally time to open it.

Dear beloved teaching book:

You are a gift.

You have brought me SUCH joy and delight these last five days, moving my fingers to tap-tap-tap furiously along the keyboard. You give me hope that, together, we might be a part of a revolution in teaching that generates more genuine connection, meaning, and kindness in this world. What is education if not a reflection of our deepest beliefs, values, truth?

You have graced me with your companionship this week, so that I might be the vehicle through which others come to reflect on their own deepest truths.

I’ve adored spending this time with you, giving you the time and space to unfurl without rush, without pressure.

Please stay with me in the weeks ahead. I won’t have the luxury of being quite so attentive, but I promise, I will not abandon you.

You are so vital to this world.

Thank you for making me feel so alive and intentional and full.

Love, Liz

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