And on that note, we cue the scary music

So as previously discussed, I’m totally geeking out over here on the Eastern Shore with my laptop and wireless Internet connection, right? And earlier today, right before our *fascinating* 11:15 a.m. session about “Milennials” (kids born after 1982ish), I was tapping out an e-mail to my gal pal Julie when, behind me, I overheard a guy telling someone that he went to GW. My ears piqued up and I swiveled in my chair (sans the 56ish pounds, I can do that with amazing ease these days!). I said, “Me too!” And then the woman sitting next to me, equally geeking out on her laptop and wireless connection, made it a “Me three!”

As it turns out, though, the guy behind me was:

1) In my graduating class at GW — May 1999.

2) In my program — journalism majors rocked!

3) In at least one of my classes while I was there.

In short, echoes of “it’s a small world…” were running through my consciousness. How cool is that?!

And actually, to my great surprise (considering I’m one to remember faces quite well), the person in question, Mike Roberts, actually mentioned he had recognized me earlier in the day and again when we came into the breakout room for this Milennials session. Huh! Go figure! And here, all these years, I was thinking I made a miniscule impression upon those in my journalism classes.

Lest I waste an opportunity to give props to my peers, Mike is the Webmaster (“an army of one”) at the College of Southern Maryland.

On a side note, it’s appropriate that a fellow GW alum would inspire echoes of that dreadful Disney song, as it was my GW resident assistant Rob (“LOB!”) who told stories to me that made the song dreadful in the first place.

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  1. At that point, I had given myself over to the small world music, so no worries. Don't you find that once that damned song is stuck in your head, extracting it is nearly impossible? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope that my constant reminders of how "small the world is" during our chat today didn't cause that song to keep popping up in your head. If so, all apologies are due and hopefully accepted! LOL


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