Liz said: “I’d like to have buy-in at the level that people don’t hate me.”

{From the conference during dessert break — in which I cannot participate, dangit!}

Web geeks at a conference for IT, marketing and admissions people are easy to pick out: We have the laptops. We sent in MAC addresses ahead of time. And so we, ladies and gentlemen, have wireless Internet access everywhere in the building in which the conference is being held! And, since my hotel’s high-speed wireless access is weak in my room, I’m totally jazzed about being able to get my broadband fix between sessions.

Last night I went to Tia’s for dinner. Background: When I moved to Denton, I became a fast fan of Tia’s for their yummy queso and homemade tortillas. Now, against that backdrop, I think I can now officially slip into snobby Texan mode. Even though this was a *chain restaurant* (and thus ought to have had some quality-control measures in place), my dinner *TOTALLY SUCKED*. The queso was cold, the tortillas were tiny and doughy, and the fajitas were totally sans sizzle when they arrived. Maybe they were just having an off day. I am trying to resist the urge to criticize the Eastern Shore’s food. However, the dinner I was given last night was a crime against tex-mex.

OK, I’ll refrain from further snobby Texan commentary. 😉

I’m still dragging a bit after three nights of utterly insubstantial sleep, but I did get in about seven or eight hours’ worth last night. Given that I need to finish up a homework tonight and want some sleep (and a workout, and … 😉 ), I may skip out of the geek crabfest. Isn’t that just terrible — turning down free crabs?!?!

I’m on the hunt for postcard stamps. I bought eight (postcardes, not stamps) en route to Salisbury yesterday, and as I flipped through my PDA address book last night waiting for the cold dinner to arrive, I realized that’s nowhere near enough. But round one of the Maryland postcards are ready to be sent out.

That’s all for now.

UMM, except this PS: Today is a nice pinkish-mauve day. 😉

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